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What makes CharGen unique?

We don't have a giant seed catalogue with a hundred different hybrids trying to fit every soil across the country. We have focused our attention to the Northern Corn Belt, a neglected area, and maturity range to bring you outstanding hybrids and traits. We work with many different breeding programs and sift through the endless sea of hybrids to find the Best for the Upper Midwest. 


The most comprehensive above- and below-ground insect control for proactively protecting yield potential and field health, and the convenience of an integrated E‑Z Refuge® seed blend. DuracadeViptera™ trait stacks control more than any competitive trait stack.

PowerCore® Enlist®  corn is a comprehensive trait package for above-ground pests and weed management. PowerCore Enlist corn features three modes of action against above-ground insect pests for broad-spectrum and long-lasting control. 

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DuracadeViptera & 3220

91 day


  • Artesian hybrid that is incredibly drought tolerant

  • Excellent emergence and seedling vigor for cold/wet soils 

  • Wide range of placement from high productivity ground to the toughest piece on the farm, grows to yield environment 

  • Good flex ear that flexes girth over length

  • Uniform plant height and ear placement

  • Planting populations range from 24-32K 

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Powercore Enlist

96 day


  • Phenomenal seedling vigor and emergence, flies out of the ground

  • Flex-ear both kernels around and length

  • Wide acre placement, likes clay heavy ground the best

  • Tall plant height makes for a good sileage option 

  • Great plant health characteristics and late season standability

  • Planting populations range from 26-36K 

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Powercore Enlist

99 day


  • Semi flex ear that flexes girth over length

  • Great emergence and seedling vigor 

  • High management, best acre on the farm type corn

  • Top end yield potential, push this hybrid with fertility/population and watch it go 

  • Very showy plant that makes a great sileage option 

  • Drought tolerance is slightly above average

  • Planting populations range from 26-36K 

More to come.

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